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Being Born a Calabrian and a Garreffa,
I have won the lottery of life!

I attribute my success to you: “The Flesh in My Life”.
The extraordinary family and friends that I
have made through my life’s journey.
You are the cord that binds us together.

You are my inspiration.

I was born in Calabria, Italy (my mother country).
At the young age of five I was uprooted and
moved to the other side of the world,
to Australia (my father Country), and firmly planted there.

As poor immigrants my family came to Australia with meagre possessions. Mostly we brought what we value most: Love of family, culture, traditions and recipes from home. We grew vegetables and raised poultry and rabbits to feed ourselves. We all worked from an early age and through tenacity and inventiveness, we pooled the money we earned to overcome poverty and succeed.

Knowing how hard life can be is the reason I raise funds,
through Mondo Butchers and as one of the directors
of Mondo Community Warriors, for Lifeline
and other smaller local charities,
under the patronage of Graham Mabury.

I share these memoirs of my life as well as the old and new
recipes I have collected or created during my life’s journey.
They come from the heart, always passionate,
always generous and always authentic.

“Don’t worry if your glass is half full or half empty,
be glad that you have a glass”.

- Vince Garreffa

Cooking Instructions

In your favourite dining chair with a plate of pasta
or your favourite arm chair with a coffee
or on the veranda with a glass of red.