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A Free Range Turkey is brine cured with our traditional brine ready for you to bake or deep fry at home. Brining ensures that your turkey will remain moist during cooking. We take no responsibility if you decide to deep fry the turkey yourself at home. We warn customers that this is a dangerous process and should call
Vince’s 24 hour helpline on: 0411 88 11 93.

Serves 10 to 12 persons

minimum net weight 5kg


Free Range Turkey, Salt Sugar, Mineral Salts(451,452,500), Antioxidant(318), Sodium Nitrate(250). 

CONTAINS: Preservatives. 


Cooking Instructions

Baking Instructions

Remove all glad wrap, paper or cryovac bag from the product. Rub with olive oil and your favourite herbs and spices. For those who have made their own stuffing remove the neck and any loose pieces from the cavity of the poultry and place the stuffing in loosely (Stuffings that contain meat should always be precooked).

Cook the roast in the oven at 175°C on a rack in a tray if possible, to an internal temperature of 65°C (measured with a meat thermometer). Baste often with oil or the poultry’s own juices. Allow to rest for 20 minutes in alfoil before carving.

Note: String not edible.  

Cooking time approx. 2 ½ - 3 hrs

Mondo Butchers has Meat Thermometers available for purchase, see equipment for more information.

Deep Frying Instructions

You will require special instructions for cooking this product, please call
Vince’s 24 hour helpline on: 0411 88 11 93.