Cooking Classes

Vincenzo Garreffa the "Prince of Flesh" is now running his own cooking classes and meat workshops at the retail store in Inglewood. if you are interested in finding out more please contact Vince Garreffa: or 0411 88 11 93 for details.

My intention is to teach passionate foodies about meat. How to work with it, how to buy, how to prepare it, how to cut it, how to cook it, how to carve it and how to save it when you overcooked/undercooked it. Maybe you want to learn how to sharpen a knife, cut some meat, bone some meat, bone some chicken, prepare some side dishes, choose a wine, store meat and food, know when to eat it or throw it away. Hygiene hints, 10 minute wonder dishes, $2.00 meals?

When you come to classes: you will watch, occasionally help, but most of all learn and eat, eat, eat and have fun. Forget about the world and grow confident in the kitchen for yourself, your family, your friends and your business contacts.